Dried Oranges
amber noir

mandarin, jasmine, and amber blend with undertones of sandalwood and musk

Fresh Plums
sweet tuscan plum

plum and black cherry blend with vanilla and amber undertones

peppercorn pomander

orange, peppercorn, and apples with undertones of vanilla

cranberry woods

cranberry, red currant, and cinnamon blend with vanilla and pine undertones

Image by Hermansyah
sea salt & amber

sea salt and ozone blend with undertones of amber and vanilla

Winter Snow
blue spruce

eucalyptus, mint and spruce blend with undertones of cypress and cedar

Red Christmas Baubles
christmas hearth 

cinnamon, ginger,  orange peel, and clove with undertones of pine and fir

Christmas Decorations
peppermint swirl

peppermint and vanilla with fresh mint undertones

Cinnamon Sticks
cinnamon & sugar

cinnamon and sugar with undertones of butter and vanilla

Juniper Plant
frosted juniper

berry, pear, and cherry blossom blend with undertones of juniper and sage

Lavender Fields
lavender & sage

lavender, sage, rosemary, and chamomile blend with undertones of sandalwood and cedar

Camping Site
fraser fir

lemon peel, cypress, and cedar blend with undertones of fir, amber and moss

Image by Gábor Veres
black raspberry vanilla

black raspberries with undertones of sweet vanilla

Fire Wood

bergamot and oakmoss blend with sandalwood and cedar undertones


cardamon, bourbon, and vanilla with mulling spices and patchouli undertones

Image by Heather Barnes

grapefruit , orange, and fig blend with patchouli and cedar undertones

Fall Essentials
cozy flannel

lemon peel,
honeysuckle, and vanilla bean blend with musk and woods undertones