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Fresh Plums
sweet tuscan plum

plum and black cherry blend with vanilla and amber undertones

black cherry merlot

black cherry, red wine, black currant blend with vanilla and oak undertones

Image by Hermansyah
sea salt + amber

sea salt and ozone blend with undertones of amber and vanilla

Burning Incense
frankincense + myrrh

bergamot, and amber, and blend with undertones of myrrh, and frankincense 

Coconut Delight
mango + coconut milk

pineapple, orange, and mango blend with coconut milk and sugar undertones

Image by Annie Spratt
white eucalyptus

eucalyptus, lemon, and spearmint blend with juniper and powder undertones

Herbal Treatment
spiced cardamom

ginger, eucalyptus and cardamom, with anise and vanilla undertones 

Flowers on Wood
oakmoss + amber

grapefruit, sage, and lavender blend with amber and oakmoss undertones

Plum in Honey
honey walnut + plum

orange peel, honey, and walnut blend with undertones of plum and vanilla

Lavender Fields
lavender + sage

lavender, sage, rosemary, and chamomile blend with undertones of sandalwood and cedar

persimmon citron

orange peel, persimmon and peach, with undertones of bamboo and clove

Image by Gábor Veres
black raspberry vanilla

black raspberries with undertones of sweet vanilla

cinnamon + sugar

cinnamon, ginger, and sugar blend with nutmeg, vanilla, and clove undertones


cardamon, bourbon, and vanilla with mulling spices and patchouli undertones

Image by Heather Barnes

grapefruit , orange, and fig blend with patchouli and cedar undertones

Boho Beach

orange peel,
eucalyptus, and sage blend with patchouli and teakwood undertones

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