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Oak Barrels
white oak + vanilla

oak, leather, and patchouli blend with vanilla, and whiskey undertones

Image by Hermansyah
sea salt + amber

sea salt and ozone blend with undertones of amber and vanilla

Pink orchids
sea salt + orchid

orange, sea salt, and freesia blend with light musk, and amber undertones

Image by Annie Spratt
white eucalyptus

eucalyptus, lemon, and spearmint blend with juniper and powder undertones

pink prosecco
citrus and berries blend with champagne and musk undertones
midnight blackberry
lemon, blackberry, and sugar blend with undertones of champagne and pine
Juniper Plant
frosted juniper
berry, cherry blossom and juniper blend with undertones of pine and sage
Lavender Fields
lavender + sage
lavender, sage, rosemary, and chamomile blend with undertones of sandalwood and cedar
Fall Essentials
cozy flannel
lemon peel, violet petals, and green leaves blend with vanilla, and white musk undertones
Image by Gábor Veres
black raspberry vanilla

black raspberries with undertones of sweet vanilla

cinnamon + sugar

cinnamon, ginger, and sugar blend with nutmeg, vanilla, and clove undertones

cranberry woods

cinnamon, cranberry, and green leaves with fir and pine undertones

Image by Heather Barnes

grapefruit , orange, and fig blend with patchouli and cedar undertones

almond macaron

amaretto, and almond blend with vanilla and sugar undertones

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