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Hello Thrive Families and Friends. We have an amazing opportunity to work with a local company who has a mission to give back to the community. We're excited to support another local business while also raising funds to support Thrive families. This fundraiser will directly benefit scholarship funds for families to provide quality and equitable educational opportunities.

These products are made with care and quality, locally, and they are sharing their proceeds with us! This is a great opportunity to purchase gifts for upcoming birthdays, Father's Day, and graduation gifts. You can also just get a customized candle to add a summer scented vibe to your home, because who doesn't love the warm glow of giving back and the sweet scent of doing some good?

Our goal is to raise $1000 to put into a scholarship fund for families who need that opportunity.

THRIVE LEARNING CENTER | pick your scent + label | glass | 7oz

  • Mango + Coconut Milk : Pineaple, orange, and mango blend, with undertones of coconut milk and sugar

    Sea Salt + Amber : sea salt, plum, and eucalyptus blend, with undertones of sandalwood and musk

    Lavender + Sage: Lavender, chamomile, and sage blend, with undertones of cedar and sandalwood

  • You may select from the following pick up options.

    - FREE pick up at The LIMA House in Cascade Wed-SAT 10-3pm (2899 Thornapple River D, GR)

    - Shipping - FREE SHIPPING with orders $75+

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