A fabulous collaboration between local makers in Grand Rapids, MI. Lydia VanHoven-Cook, the owner of Lydia Writes Good, a graphic design and copywriting company, specializes in branding and hand-drawn typography. She brought her love of color and pattern to life on these exclusive candles, spending hours in her studio painting each vessel by hand. These candles combine her skill with our quality candle-these are sure to be a hit as a gift or home decor piece. LIMA was created in 2019 by sisters Linsey Jones and Maria Curtis. They combined their names, talents, and passion to share love with others and brought LIMA to life. All candles are hand poured with endless attention to detail, using only premium ingredients.



- 12oz ceramic jar

- hand poured with 100% soy wax

- no added paraffin, chemicals, or dyes

- The Lydia - Hot Pink and Lime Green - watermint + clementine

- The Linsey - Orange Black and Gold - Orange Grove

- The Maria - Purple Green and Gold - Lavender and Sage


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BURN TIME 12oz jar: 60-70 hours

REUSE your jar as a candle , vase or planter.


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